Wonderfull and perfect

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  1. ALLAN VİND JENSEN 20/07/2018 Read

    it just work. pick us up at time in the airport and also at the hotel when we should home. Everythin...

  2. EVY CHERRETTE 20/07/2018 Read

    Perfect transfer

  3. TOM HOWARTH 19/07/2018 Read

    Absolutely first class service from start to finish, if we visit Antalya again we’d use your service...

  4. ABU UDDIN 19/07/2018 Read

    The most stress free transfer available in Turkey excellent service by company in every aspect. The ...

  5. YASMEEN MALİK 19/07/2018 Read

    Superb and perfect from booking through to drop off. The vehicles are comfortable,spacious and very ...

  6. TONY FOURNEAU 19/07/2018 Read

    Just as last year great service. Our daughter comes next week with her husband and two children. The...

  7. NİELS GREVE 19/07/2018 Read

    It is super. We use hana every time we are in Alanya.

  8. BAL CHATHA 19/07/2018 Read

    We had to wait a little while at the airport but the driver and the girl at the airport were absolut...

  9. EVGENIY KALUTSKIY 18/07/2018 Read

    thy. all were great!

  10. ZAİN AKOOB 18/07/2018 Read

    fantastic service from your team always

  11. GARY COOKE 18/07/2018 Read

    This is the second round trip I have taken with Hana. I cannot recommend them enough.Everything that...

  12. BELARBI EL MAMOUNE 18/07/2018 Read

    It was the best transfer in my life traveling

  13. FREDA MALİK 18/07/2018 Read

    What a superb experience! From booking through to pickup! They even have an on line chat service whe...

  14. YAGMUR KURBANOV 17/07/2018 Read


  15. SHAHRIAR OMIDBAKHSH 17/07/2018 Read

    Every thing was perfekt and confortable.

  16. JERİNA JORGONİ 17/07/2018 Read

    Happy I chose you 😊😊😊😊

  17. MİCHELLE RİDLEY 17/07/2018 Read

    Very efficient service. Waiting when we landed. No issues at all and would definitely use this compa...

  18. NİCHOLAS LAW 17/07/2018 Read

    Excellent service thank you

  19. NİCHOLAS LAW 17/07/2018 Read

    Excellent service thank you

  20. PİERRE EKROTH 17/07/2018 Read

    It was handled perfect from booking to the actuall transfer. You answer quickly and the drivers are ...

  21. KHALİD SAİED 17/07/2018 Read

    شكرا لكم على كل الخدمات التي قدمتها .لقد فكرتم جيدا بكل شيء .كنتم رائعين.خدمه ممتازه من كل النوا...

  22. MUATAZ İRAQİ 17/07/2018 Read

    This is not the first time I fly with pegasus , it was comfort , clean and accurate .

  23. ROMAN KOOPUU 16/07/2018 Read

    very satisfied with Hanatravel service . Even the flight was delayed , driver was waiting for us at ...

  24. CHRİSTİAN ANDERSEN 16/07/2018 Read

    It was a pleasure

  25. ALAN MACGREGOR 16/07/2018 Read

    Thank you once again for a smooth and efficient transfer both ways. On time as always and very reaso...

  26. IMRAN SULEYMANOV 16/07/2018 Read


  27. DAVID MILLS 15/07/2018 Read

    Great service hassle free

  28. TAHMINA ALI 15/07/2018 Read

    Amazing experience. Warm welcome to Turkey!

  29. NIRAL BATAVIA 15/07/2018 Read

    Very good service - would recommend and rebook with HanaTravel!

  30. NIRAL BATAVIA 15/07/2018 Read

    Excellent service to and from Antalya airport to our hotel in Belek! Keep up the great work!

  31. TONY FERNANDO 15/07/2018 Read

    English speaking driver. Good service

  32. HADDAD YOUNESS 15/07/2018 Read

    Good first experience with Hana travel.thank you

  33. MOHAMMED MASRİ 15/07/2018 Read

    This is the 6th time to use HanaTravel, It was always Comfortable and efficient.

  34. BEV BLOXHAM 14/07/2018 Read

    Fantastic experience - from the second we stepped out of the airport to arriving at our hotel - all ...

  35. CARSTEN NİELSEN 13/07/2018 Read

    Good service

  36. BRYAN ABERCROMBİE 13/07/2018 Read

    Excellent company, transfer was easy and trouble free. The driver was well mannered and helpful

  37. TAYFUN PEHLIVAN 13/07/2018 Read

    Herşey çok güzel

  38. AGOVIC EDIS 12/07/2018 Read

    Very good website. Driver are very cool. Good service

  39. JAMES GİLLİES 12/07/2018 Read


  40. OKSANA BONNICI 12/07/2018 Read

    Great service, on-time pick up, clean comfortable cars. I'll surely use it again.

  41. Manuel Issa Ruiz 11/07/2018 Read

    Great company.

  42. CARİNA DAHLSTRÖM 11/07/2018 Read

    Everything perfect

  43. BEVERLY RANDELL 11/07/2018 Read

    Can not recomend this company enough .... total quality service a perfect start and finish to our ho...

  44. PETER DUNN 11/07/2018 Read

    Everything went well and will use again. Thanks.

  45. SHAHRIAR OMIDBAKHSH 11/07/2018 Read

    We are pleased with your service. Vegard.shahriar

  46. NASIF MEHMED 10/07/2018 Read

    All was fine

  47. Joy Clarke 10/07/2018 Read

    Transfer from airport excellent, no complaints, looking forward to excellent service on the way back...

  48. WENDY SMEDTS 09/07/2018 Read


  49. SON LE 09/07/2018 Read

    driver picked 5 of us + luggage from hotel in Incekum to AYT airport on time, smooth journey, clean ...

  50. JEAN PİERRE RAJSFUS 09/07/2018 Read

    perfect pick up from Belek hotel and transfer to Antalya airport at 00.30 am. Thank you

  51. SAHEED HASSIM 09/07/2018 Read


  52. SVETLANA PAVLUS 08/07/2018 Read

    using 3d time - all good except for absence of card payment

  53. IMAD ALCHEİKH ALİ 08/07/2018 Read

    Friendly service. Driver arrived on time and was very helpful with the luggage. I would highly recom...

  54. MARJAN TAHMASSEBI 08/07/2018 Read

    Happy with the service

  55. НИНА КОРОЛЬКЕВИЧ 07/07/2018 Read

    As usual good service however tried to make booking when was in Nigeria and could not access your we...

  56. DESIREE VAN ES 07/07/2018 Read

    It was perfect service !! When i need next time i will use your compagny again !! Thanx for service

  57. ALEXANDER ROBINSON 06/07/2018 Read

    Met outside airport by a lovely young lady, who guided us to our transport. Awaiting was avery smart...

  58. IWONA BİELSKA 05/07/2018 Read

    I am so happy that I chose your transport. I use it at both sides of my journey. Everything was per...

  59. HELİ KUOKKANEN 05/07/2018 Read

    Thank you

  60. HELİ KUOKKANEN 05/07/2018 Read

    Thank you, everything was good.

  61. TİNATİN KİKNADZE 05/07/2018 Read

    Everything Was excellent!!!

  62. Hana Itani 04/07/2018 Read

    Hana travel provided great service! I recommend it.

  63. JOHN SIDSAFF 04/07/2018 Read

    A BIG Thank you to all at Hanatravel second time I have used the service and found it to be excellen...

  64. TAYFUN PEHLIVAN 04/07/2018 Read

    İlgi ve alakanıza teşekkür ederim

  65. DENİS KAPLAN 03/07/2018 Read


  66. DOUG TAFFS 03/07/2018 Read

    A smooth faultless transfer, highly recommended.

  67. THOMAS SOLHEİM 02/07/2018 Read

    The driver was nice and bought us water. new and nice car and brought us kindly to the hotel!

  68. CHALANG AL-MOFTY 02/07/2018 Read

    I heve been booking yourtransfer many time, every years and it has been better and better. I don't w...

  69. IMRAN SULEYMANOV 02/07/2018 Read

    All is good

  70. WASSEM MANSOUR 02/07/2018 Read

    Amazing as i know you

  71. DAN COJOCARU 02/07/2018 Read

    Everything as expected

  72. MOHSİN DALAL 02/07/2018 Read

    Fantastic service from arrival to departure! Would defiantly recommend. Thanks guys!

  73. BARBARA INNOCENT 01/07/2018 Read

    Excellent service

  74. THOMAS KRİSTENSEN 01/07/2018 Read

    Perfekt 🙌🏻👍🏻

  75. OMER 01/07/2018 Read

    Driver was early and was patiently waiting as we was a big group with a lot of luggage. The driver h...

  76. MURATOV DMYTRO 01/07/2018 Read

    Хорошие авто, приятные профессиональные водители! Водят аккуратно, что не мало важно для пассажиров ...

  77. AL WALID HAMAM 30/06/2018 Read

    Great transfer from Antalya Airport to Nashira resort.

  78. SAQEEB ALI 30/06/2018 Read

    Very good, excellent service

  79. SAQEEB ALI 30/06/2018 Read

    Excellent service

  80. DEJANA PAVLOVİC 30/06/2018 Read

    Everything was great! Thank you

  81. JASNA FUMAGALLI 30/06/2018 Read

    Your service is great..

  82. WASSEM MANSOUR 29/06/2018 Read

    The best experience ever , i wish to have it in all turkey We are family and this the best for any...

  83. PETER DUNN 29/06/2018 Read

    So far so good. No issues at airport. Fast and efficient. Thanks.

  84. KONSTANTİN AVDEEV 29/06/2018 Read

    no comments everything was great

  85. IWONA BİELSKA 29/06/2018 Read

    I am so delughted of your transfer. It was rasy to book and it was comfotable for me that I could pa...

  86. AKOS SZİLAGYİ 29/06/2018 Read

    perfect service !

  87. SULEYMAN YALCIN 28/06/2018 Read


  88. RİENER OLGA 28/06/2018 Read

    Very service! Thank you

  89. COLIN FIRBY 28/06/2018 Read

    Excellent service , thank you so much

  90. MOBIN MUKHTAR 27/06/2018 Read

    Very good service... welcomed by staff on arrival and walked to the van which was good, clean and sp...

  91. AFERDİTA HAJRA 26/06/2018 Read

    The best transfer company we have ever traveled with......

  92. IEVA JANKAVA 26/06/2018 Read

    the service is great.

  93. AMANDA NEİLL 25/06/2018 Read

    Can’t believe how amazing our transfers were! Outstanding transport, so modern - mini bar, music, ai...

  94. ANDREA MOTEJLEK 25/06/2018 Read

    Excellent service, I can highly recommend it

  95. MOHSİN DALAL 25/06/2018 Read

    So far so good

  96. TOMAS VARNAS 25/06/2018 Read

    Perfect transfer, nice driver

  97. OSMAN HAJİ 25/06/2018 Read

    5-star service. I would highly recommend hanatravel.

  98. ANNA BECKWİTH 25/06/2018 Read

    Excellent I have used Hana Travel many times and they constantly give excellent service all round. T...

  99. AMELİA CAZAC 25/06/2018 Read

    Very well!

  100. NİKOLA RADULOVİC 25/06/2018 Read

    Very good transfer :)