Thanks again excellent transporting. Driver Dindar Gelik made safe and comfort trip. He is very friendly and nicely man. Special thanks for him. BR reijo kortteus

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    Perfect transfer

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    thy. all were great!

  10. ZAİN AKOOB 18/07/2018 Read

    fantastic service from your team always

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  19. NİCHOLAS LAW 17/07/2018 Read

    Excellent service thank you

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    This is not the first time I fly with pegasus , it was comfort , clean and accurate .

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    It was a pleasure

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    Very good website. Driver are very cool. Good service

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    perfect pick up from Belek hotel and transfer to Antalya airport at 00.30 am. Thank you

  51. SAHEED HASSIM 09/07/2018 Read


  52. SVETLANA PAVLUS 08/07/2018 Read

    using 3d time - all good except for absence of card payment

  53. IMAD ALCHEİKH ALİ 08/07/2018 Read

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    It was perfect service !! When i need next time i will use your compagny again !! Thanx for service

  57. ALEXANDER ROBINSON 06/07/2018 Read

    Met outside airport by a lovely young lady, who guided us to our transport. Awaiting was avery smart...

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    So far so good. No issues at airport. Fast and efficient. Thanks.

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