All good...

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  1. DIANE CONNAH 22/06/2018 Read

    So happy with the service thank you see you next year

  2. COLIN FIRBY 22/06/2018 Read

    Bit confusing at airport, sign on fence with my name on but nobody there, somebody came in few minut...

  3. NİLAY ROY 22/06/2018 Read

    Wonderful service. I shall use Hana Transfers every time and tell all my friends if they want troubl...

  4. PAUL MCGLASHAN 22/06/2018 Read

    Very good service. Thanks

  5. AKOS SZİLAGYİ 21/06/2018 Read

    It was perfect,thanks

  6. ANDREY TEKEYANOV 21/06/2018 Read

    My reservation had little mistake. My hotel Melas Resort Hotel situated in Side, not in Kumkoy , the...

  7. LEE CUTLER 21/06/2018 Read

    Excellent service yet again. The website wasn't working the day I wanted to book my transfer. Looki...

  8. KATERİNA POLAKOVA 20/06/2018 Read


  9. RAYMOND SCHULP 19/06/2018 Read

    arrived at antalya airport there was nicely a lady ready to guide us to our taxi. the driver mehmet ...

  10. CHRIS NESS 19/06/2018 Read

    I wish to complement you on a professional and friendly service. Your drivers were friendly and drov...

  11. CASSAN NEWELL 18/06/2018 Read

    The best transfer service I have ever used! From beginning to end you are looked after with care - a...

  12. CASSAN NEWELL 18/06/2018 Read

    The best transfer service I have ever used! From beginning to end you are looked after with care - a...


    Thank you for everything , See you in october

  14. CHRISTOPHER CAMPLING 18/06/2018 Read

    This is the best transfer company i have used in many trips to Antalya. And will always be my prefer...


    Wonderfull and perfect

  16. DUNCAN LOVE 17/06/2018 Read

    Always good to book with yous

  17. EYE MAX TRAVEL DIAB GHADIR 17/06/2018 Read

    Thank you very much

  18. GEORGE TUDAN 17/06/2018 Read

    Very good service I am impressed

  19. AMELİA CAZAC 17/06/2018 Read

    Our experience was very good.

  20. PETER TRESADERN 17/06/2018 Read

    Very professional

  21. BARBARA INNOCENT 16/06/2018 Read

    Nice polite driver, super quick transfer

  22. MİKHAİL SEMİKOZOV 16/06/2018 Read

    Просто все на высшем уровне

  23. MIHAI RUSINOIU 15/06/2018 Read

    Excelent service , i recommend

  24. BRİAN WATT 15/06/2018 Read

    Hi folks! I have been in a wheelchair for nine years and have travelled to many top destinations in ...

  25. TUOMO KYRONLAHTI 14/06/2018 Read

    Very friendly and confident service. I can use nest time again!

  26. DAWİD KONRAD 14/06/2018 Read

    The transport exceded our expectations and the driver was extremely helpful throughout the journey.

  27. ROBERT BURTON 13/06/2018 Read

    Very reliable company with great attention to detail. After a long delay it was great to be welcomed...

  28. MİCHAEL TRANMO 13/06/2018 Read

    Bert good

  29. RKIA AIT TALEB 12/06/2018 Read

    I was very satisfied with the ride

  30. PETER SWİATEK 12/06/2018 Read

    Alles bestens, sehr zu empfehlen

  31. KJETİL BRUSETH 12/06/2018 Read

    Always on time

  32. KESTUTİS KARPAVİCİUS 11/06/2018 Read

    Thank you, happy customer

  33. JASON PYE 11/06/2018 Read

    Very impressed with everything, will certainly use again and highly recommend

  34. NENAD MILOVANOVIKJ 11/06/2018 Read

    Very good service

  35. Paula Alison Moffatt 11/06/2018 Read

    Hi please could you collect us on the 17th at 9.45 from Litore - Mehmet from Antalya was fantastic o...

  36. TEEMU PÄÄKKÖNEN 11/06/2018 Read

    Always perfect. Best transfer experience in Antalya. Used Hanatravel many times. Highly recomended.

  37. GERARD LEFEVRE 11/06/2018 Read

    Un service Parfait !

  38. DUNCAN LOVE 11/06/2018 Read

    As usual good service and good price

  39. ANDREA MOTEJLEK 10/06/2018 Read

    Excelent service, friendly driver - what more do you want. I can highly recommend!

  40. CECİLİA SWEENEY 10/06/2018 Read

    First class service. Efficient, pleasant staff. Would definitely recommend.

  41. TATIANA VINOGRADOVA 10/06/2018 Read

    Good service

  42. MATTİ HALLİVUORİ 09/06/2018 Read

    Pickup from hotel arrived in good time ca 10 minutes before the promised time. There were no problem...

  43. JULİA SHOLKOVA 09/06/2018 Read

    Very happy with everything which is why i rely only on your transfers every time i come to Turkey.

  44. RKIA AIT TALEB 08/06/2018 Read

    It was Good

  45. ANGELA MCPHEE 06/06/2018 Read

    Would highly recommend and will definitely use again. Thank you

  46. MİCHAEL TRANMO 06/06/2018 Read

    Great service

  47. SEYHUN ALTUNDAG 05/06/2018 Read

    Profesyonel işletmeniz için çok teşekkürler

  48. IONUT SUSNEA 05/06/2018 Read

    Nice van, clean, on time Recommend

  49. IONUT SUSNEA 05/06/2018 Read

    Very kindly driver , on time , very nice van,, so no comment Recommend

  50. HANS PETTER NYGAARD 04/06/2018 Read

    I am happy with the tripp

  51. SİMON MADSEN 04/06/2018 Read

    It was fine,

  52. MARİE-CLAİRE VAN IMPE 04/06/2018 Read

    everything was perfect as Always .thanks

  53. ALEKSEJ JUSCENKO 04/06/2018 Read

    The driver spoke only turkish, so it wasn't easy to explain to him i want the air conditioning to be...

  54. JARİ VEKKELİ 04/06/2018 Read

    No problem at all, good and smooth transfer!

  55. DOMİNİC ROBİNSON 03/06/2018 Read

    Great experience all round, thank you.

  56. Sarah Nolan 03/06/2018 Read

    Excellent service and a cool bottle of water was a nice touch. Well done!

  57. TOL ANNA MARİA 03/06/2018 Read

    Drivers are very kind. They have been in time and we are very satisfied. Making the reservation on ...

  58. Johanna Smith 03/06/2018 Read

    Fantastic service

  59. ADAM KAMPİNSKİ 03/06/2018 Read

    Highly recommended.

  60. ASIM CHOHAN 02/06/2018 Read


  61. PER HAMMERSHØJ 01/06/2018 Read

    very good and stabil

  62. ANASTASIA OSTRITCHI 01/06/2018 Read

    Everything Top!

  63. GERMAN GLADYSHEV 30/05/2018 Read

    Would be great to equip your drivers with card terminals.

  64. THOMAS RAMAGE 30/05/2018 Read

    We did not use your transport from the airport in Antalya we did however hire a mobility scooter thi...

  65. MAJID SHAHTAHMASEBI 29/05/2018 Read

    very good

  66. RAMONA BADR 29/05/2018 Read

    very good service thank you

  67. GORAN STEFANOVSKI 29/05/2018 Read

    10 out of 10. We had couple of changes in dates and number of people that needed picking up. Each ti...

  68. VACLAV STREJCEK 28/05/2018 Read

    Very good service

  69. REİJO KORTTEUS 28/05/2018 Read

    Thanks again excellent transporting. Driver Dindar Gelik made safe and comfort trip. He is very fr...

  70. JAN HANSEN 28/05/2018 Read

    exellent service

  71. RONALD ALKEMADE 27/05/2018 Read

    It was very good!

  72. THOMAS DOLL 27/05/2018 Read

    Thank you, everything very fine.

  73. RAMONA BADR 27/05/2018 Read

    Everything ks perfect except a little thing, having to walk from airport door to taxi around 150m (h...

  74. JONK LİA 27/05/2018 Read


  75. JAMİE ROBERTS 26/05/2018 Read

    Excellent service, extremely prompt and courteous drivers, would def use again

  76. VİOREL DRAGHİCİ 26/05/2018 Read

    In good condition. Driver kindly.

  77. LASSE HELLUM 25/05/2018 Read

    Very good service, will use your service next time in Antalya.

  78. Valon Kito 25/05/2018 Read

    We had problems with our suitcases at the airport which delayed us for over 1h. But Hana crew was p...

  79. NATASHA KEYLARD 25/05/2018 Read

    Excellent service, clean vehicle at a great price. Thank you!

  80. MARKKU SALO 25/05/2018 Read

    All went fine.

  81. MARC VAN DEN BRANDEN 24/05/2018 Read

    Very comfortable. We like this way of traveling Also a very luxury car. Thank you and see you 4 j...

  82. AHMAD TAHER 24/05/2018 Read

    Very good service from the airport. Mane was written on a sign as soon as I made myself know the rid...

  83. Vasily Yudin 22/05/2018 Read

    Качество услуг полностью соответствует цене. Пользуюсь уже не первый раз, часто присылают более вмес...

  84. THOMAS ASKER LARSEN 22/05/2018 Read

    All was good ! thank you

  85. REİJO KORTTEUS 21/05/2018 Read

    Hi. Driver work very Professional. Trip was comfort. Br Reijo kortteus

  86. VİTALİE MİNDRU 21/05/2018 Read

    the best service

  87. NASER ABİDİ 21/05/2018 Read

    Everyting was very good.

  88. CNOP MARC 21/05/2018 Read

    It was just perfect! Will book again in June

  89. CARRY KOHLMEİJER 21/05/2018 Read

    Perfect service ever!

  90. ROB LYNES 20/05/2018 Read

    Excellent service, prompt, polite, no complaints from me...

  91. SALAMEH EDWARD 19/05/2018 Read

    I am very satisfied...

  92. BRİAN WATT 19/05/2018 Read

    I am a C 4/5 and totally realy in my wheelchair I have been to so many different countries over the ...

  93. ALMİN MUSANOVİC 18/05/2018 Read

    Everything is ok

  94. MADEESEN SOONDRUM 18/05/2018 Read

    Nice car and driver

  95. ROGER VAN BROECK 17/05/2018 Read

    Overall a good transfer experience

  96. LİVİU NAGHİ 16/05/2018 Read

    so happy to use your service, will definitly recommend. Thanks


    Great transfer. On time and really comfortable

  98. BART SNELLİNG BERG 14/05/2018 Read

    Orderd a 6 persons van, we became a 8 persons. Hopfully next time the 6 persons

  99. LİNDSAY BURKE 14/05/2018 Read

    Great service, thank you!

  100. DENİZ TEKEREK 14/05/2018 Read

    Immer wieder