Justin Morgan

Fabulous service time after time. This is the 3rd time we’ve used Hana Travel’s services and once again we have been thoroughly impressed. The vehicles are spacious, clean and luxurious. Highly recommended.

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  1. MARC VAN DEN BRANDEN 24/05/2018 Read

    Very comfortable. We like this way of traveling Also a very luxury car. Thank you and see you 4 j...

  2. AHMAD TAHER 24/05/2018 Read

    Very good service from the airport. Mane was written on a sign as soon as I made myself know the rid...

  3. Vasily Yudin 22/05/2018 Read

    Качество услуг полностью соответствует цене. Пользуюсь уже не первый раз, часто присылают более вмес...

  4. THOMAS ASKER LARSEN 22/05/2018 Read

    All was good ! thank you

  5. REİJO KORTTEUS 21/05/2018 Read

    Hi. Driver work very Professional. Trip was comfort. Br Reijo kortteus

  6. VİTALİE MİNDRU 21/05/2018 Read

    the best service

  7. NASER ABİDİ 21/05/2018 Read

    Everyting was very good.

  8. CNOP MARC 21/05/2018 Read

    It was just perfect! Will book again in June

  9. CARRY KOHLMEİJER 21/05/2018 Read

    Perfect service ever!

  10. ROB LYNES 20/05/2018 Read

    Excellent service, prompt, polite, no complaints from me...

  11. SALAMEH EDWARD 19/05/2018 Read

    I am very satisfied...

  12. BRİAN WATT 19/05/2018 Read

    I am a C 4/5 and totally realy in my wheelchair I have been to so many different countries over the ...

  13. ALMİN MUSANOVİC 18/05/2018 Read

    Everything is ok

  14. MADEESEN SOONDRUM 18/05/2018 Read

    Nice car and driver

  15. ROGER VAN BROECK 17/05/2018 Read

    Overall a good transfer experience

  16. LİVİU NAGHİ 16/05/2018 Read

    so happy to use your service, will definitly recommend. Thanks


    Great transfer. On time and really comfortable

  18. LİNDSAY BURKE 14/05/2018 Read

    Great service, thank you!

  19. DENİZ TEKEREK 14/05/2018 Read

    Immer wieder

  20. DEBAL RONNY 13/05/2018 Read

    We will choose Hana travel again !

  21. SAMİ PARTANEN 13/05/2018 Read

    Great work

  22. JOZEF DZİACKY 12/05/2018 Read


  23. ROB LYNES 12/05/2018 Read

    Could not fault the service, would recommend this service..

  24. MOHSİN MAHMOOD 12/05/2018 Read

    Excellent service. Will recommend and use again for antalya transfers

  25. MARİA VAN GAALEN MARİA 12/05/2018 Read

    Top service

  26. ASİM NASEER 12/05/2018 Read

    I booked haan travel for my transfer. The staff over the phone and online are very friendly and help...

  27. Manfred Stepat 12/05/2018 Read

    Wir waren mit beiden Fahrten sehr zufrieden. Hat alles bestens geklappt. Wir werden Ihre Dienste...

  28. jørgen bønnelykke 12/05/2018 Read

    great service , thank you for everything !

  29. Maria Kooijman 12/05/2018 Read

    It was again very good service, good driver, clean car and always on time!!!!!!!!!

  30. Olga Kamchatnova 11/05/2018 Read

    Everything was perfect : timely pickup, comfortable vehicle, quick transfer. The only thing that was...

  31. Olga Kamchatnova 11/05/2018 Read

    Everything was perfect : timely pickup, comfortable vehicle, quick transfer. The only thing that was...

  32. NİKOLA BARTOŠOVA 10/05/2018 Read

    Perfect service ever !

  33. LUCİEN ROELOFS 09/05/2018 Read

    Very nice taxibus, kind and safe driver!

  34. SALAMEH EDWARD 09/05/2018 Read

    One comment and very essential : the driver did not speak English.. Otherwise, you did a great jop.....

  35. NADEEM SHEİKH 09/05/2018 Read

    Excellent overall service

  36. SABAH WAASDORP 08/05/2018 Read

    Very satisfied about your transportation!!!! We always recommend you to our friends whom visits tur...

  37. chris ludkin 08/05/2018 Read

    As usual no problems. We have used you for the last two years. Don’t forget to pick us up on Satur...

  38. TUNCAY KAYA 08/05/2018 Read

    Perfect service, good quality, high satisfaction.. go ahead like this

  39. Anna Tumko 08/05/2018 Read

    I'm very glad about your service everything was perfect and thanks to all your staff for your kindne...

  40. AHMED HASSAN 08/05/2018 Read

    It was fantastic. The driver arrived 5 mins before my pick up time which was great. I paid exactly w...

  41. LEHO HERMANN 07/05/2018 Read

    I loved very much that answers to my questions via e-mail were very prompt. That helped me to make d...

  42. BASHİR MUHAMMAD 07/05/2018 Read

    Very good service

  43. NATHALİE VAN BREUGEL 07/05/2018 Read

    Again, like always, a perfect ride to the airport. Driver is always on time, even 10 minutes too ear...

  44. NİKOLA BARTOŠOVA 07/05/2018 Read

    great service ever

  45. SATU SUOMALAINEN 06/05/2018 Read

    Thank you again 😃

  46. KİRSTEN CHARLOTTE 06/05/2018 Read


  47. HERMAN DROST 06/05/2018 Read

    Nice transfer We have no comments

  48. SUSSAN SJÖSTRÖM 06/05/2018 Read

    Thank you so Mutch fore the transfers ,vi love the car and the drivers ,see you again.👍

  49. SAMİ PARTANEN 05/05/2018 Read

    Good job!

  50. DZEMALUDİN PAUČİNAC 05/05/2018 Read

    Very good

  51. NATALİA MİKHAYLOVA 05/05/2018 Read

    Thank you very much for your service! We ordered two transfers from Antalia airport to the hotel and...

  52. VİKTORİJA BEDALYTĖ 05/05/2018 Read

    I don't have what to say. It was good and comfortable.

  53. CAROL ARMSTRONG 05/05/2018 Read

    Absolutely brilliant! Waiting for us at airport, clean van, polite and friendly staff! Would highly ...

  54. Maria Kooijman 05/05/2018 Read

    Good, clean and exactly on time 👍

  55. JOZEF DZİACKY 04/05/2018 Read


  56. TUNCAY JAYA 04/05/2018 Read

    Wonderful, great service, highly recommended

  57. SİMONE KOENE 04/05/2018 Read

    very good service next time i will book again

  58. Anna Tumko 04/05/2018 Read

    Many thanks to all CIP Service staff I'm very very happy about your service I'm very grateful to you...

  59. NADEEM SHEİKH 04/05/2018 Read

    Excellent service

  60. JANNE SUİTTİO 03/05/2018 Read

    Perfect 10. Will use company also next time.

  61. NABİL MOUHTATİNE 03/05/2018 Read

    The best transfert in Turkey, luxury cars, drivers come hurlier the price is good also Thank you

  62. ONDREJ BARTOŠ 03/05/2018 Read


  63. LUCİEN ROELOFS 02/05/2018 Read

    Thanks for nice and kind service!

  64. MRİKA VIITAHARJU 01/05/2018 Read

    Everything gone well

  65. MRİKA VIITAHARJU 01/05/2018 Read

    Everything gone well

  66. RİCARDO KRİJBOLDER 01/05/2018 Read

    Was perfect! Thank you!

  67. NABİL MOUHTATİNE 01/05/2018 Read

    It’s the second time with hanatravel very professional good price driver on time luxury cars. We hav...

  68. STEVEN GREEN 01/05/2018 Read

    this is the 3rd time we have used you. You have been fantastic

  69. CHRİS BOWEN 29/04/2018 Read

    A very good service and I will be booking my return to the airport with you. The only improvement I ...

  70. VEİKKO SİNİSALO 29/04/2018 Read

    All good!

  71. SATU SUOMALAINEN 28/04/2018 Read

    Everything go very well ! Thank you 😀


    We'd like the mercedes VIP bus, beautiful seats. In no time we were at our hotel.

  73. ARJEN VAN POELGEEST 27/04/2018 Read

    Very good

  74. LUC CASTELEYN 26/04/2018 Read

    Voor de 4de maal een taxi geboekt heen en terug, steeds heel tevreden. Intussen boeken vrienden en f...

  75. MAUREEN LOADWİCK 26/04/2018 Read

    Hana transfer was really professional costumer care was fantastic. And you will be our number one ...

  76. THOMAS WİLDİNG 25/04/2018 Read


  77. NATHALİE VAN BREUGEL 25/04/2018 Read

    Very good driver. Very carefull with the two small children. Very Nice trip and bus

  78. VEİKKO SİNİSALO 24/04/2018 Read

    All good...

  79. CONNİ  FLEMMER 23/04/2018 Read

    Received a quick confirmation of my booking. Was met outside the Arrivals Hall by a friendly lady wh...

  80. EL AZZOUZİ HAYAT 23/04/2018 Read

    Its was a good service.thank you

  81. MARUFUZ ZAMAN 22/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service. I will definitely use them again in the future.

  82. MOHAMMED WAHEED MUNİR 22/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service i would use hanatravel again and i would recommend others to use hanatravel

  83. ANNA VELİGODSKAYA 21/04/2018 Read

    I liked your service, It was easy to find you at the airport, the car was good! We asked for three ...

  84. ABDUL GUHAD 20/04/2018 Read

    Very reliable and friendly

  85. ALEXANDRU BOJAN 20/04/2018 Read

    Thank you, all went well, I paid the full trip, including the return, I received a receipt for 60 Eu...

  86. SELİMAN AMJAHİD SELİMAN 20/04/2018 Read


  87. Michael Price 20/04/2018 Read

    We were slightly delayed but they were still waiting on arrival . Can not fault there service Thank...

  88. BRİAN MCLAUGHLİN 19/04/2018 Read

    1st class experience from start to finish - will use the service again.

  89. BRİAN MCLAUGHLİN 19/04/2018 Read

    1st class experience from start to finish - will use the service again.

  90. BRİAN MCLAUGHLİN 19/04/2018 Read

    1st class experience from start to finish - will use the service again.

  91. FAHAD BAIG 19/04/2018 Read


  92. HEİKO GOTTSCHALK 19/04/2018 Read

    Sehr gut ! Danke !

  93. JARİ TUKEVA 19/04/2018 Read

    Everything was working very smoothly both ways. I will recommend this service to everybody!

  94. ERİK HARBOE 19/04/2018 Read

    Everything was perfect. Thanks a lot

  95. NENAD ZGANJER 18/04/2018 Read

    Everything OK

  96. GRAEME CRAWFORD 18/04/2018 Read

    Great service Thanks

  97. IAN MACKENZIE 17/04/2018 Read

    My second experience with Hana and happy to recommend -a 1st class service in every respect.

  98. MARCİN DEMBOWSKİ 17/04/2018 Read

    I’m extremely pleased with the service from the placing order experience through meeting in the airp...

  99. RONALD HORTON 16/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service as usual, taxi always well turned out and reiliable

  100. Peracha wedding 16/04/2018 Read

    perfect timing and really nice vehicles