Everything was ok on the route from Antalya airport to Can Garden Resort Hotel . Exellent company!

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  1. MARC VAN DEN BRANDEN 24/05/2018 Read

    Very comfortable. We like this way of traveling Also a very luxury car. Thank you and see you 4 j...

  2. AHMAD TAHER 24/05/2018 Read

    Very good service from the airport. Mane was written on a sign as soon as I made myself know the rid...

  3. Vasily Yudin 22/05/2018 Read

    Качество услуг полностью соответствует цене. Пользуюсь уже не первый раз, часто присылают более вмес...

  4. THOMAS ASKER LARSEN 22/05/2018 Read

    All was good ! thank you

  5. REİJO KORTTEUS 21/05/2018 Read

    Hi. Driver work very Professional. Trip was comfort. Br Reijo kortteus

  6. VİTALİE MİNDRU 21/05/2018 Read

    the best service

  7. NASER ABİDİ 21/05/2018 Read

    Everyting was very good.

  8. CNOP MARC 21/05/2018 Read

    It was just perfect! Will book again in June

  9. CARRY KOHLMEİJER 21/05/2018 Read

    Perfect service ever!

  10. ROB LYNES 20/05/2018 Read

    Excellent service, prompt, polite, no complaints from me...

  11. SALAMEH EDWARD 19/05/2018 Read

    I am very satisfied...

  12. BRİAN WATT 19/05/2018 Read

    I am a C 4/5 and totally realy in my wheelchair I have been to so many different countries over the ...

  13. ALMİN MUSANOVİC 18/05/2018 Read

    Everything is ok

  14. MADEESEN SOONDRUM 18/05/2018 Read

    Nice car and driver

  15. ROGER VAN BROECK 17/05/2018 Read

    Overall a good transfer experience

  16. LİVİU NAGHİ 16/05/2018 Read

    so happy to use your service, will definitly recommend. Thanks


    Great transfer. On time and really comfortable

  18. LİNDSAY BURKE 14/05/2018 Read

    Great service, thank you!

  19. DENİZ TEKEREK 14/05/2018 Read

    Immer wieder

  20. DEBAL RONNY 13/05/2018 Read

    We will choose Hana travel again !

  21. SAMİ PARTANEN 13/05/2018 Read

    Great work

  22. JOZEF DZİACKY 12/05/2018 Read


  23. ROB LYNES 12/05/2018 Read

    Could not fault the service, would recommend this service..

  24. MOHSİN MAHMOOD 12/05/2018 Read

    Excellent service. Will recommend and use again for antalya transfers

  25. MARİA VAN GAALEN MARİA 12/05/2018 Read

    Top service

  26. ASİM NASEER 12/05/2018 Read

    I booked haan travel for my transfer. The staff over the phone and online are very friendly and help...

  27. Manfred Stepat 12/05/2018 Read

    Wir waren mit beiden Fahrten sehr zufrieden. Hat alles bestens geklappt. Wir werden Ihre Dienste...

  28. jørgen bønnelykke 12/05/2018 Read

    great service , thank you for everything !

  29. Maria Kooijman 12/05/2018 Read

    It was again very good service, good driver, clean car and always on time!!!!!!!!!

  30. Olga Kamchatnova 11/05/2018 Read

    Everything was perfect : timely pickup, comfortable vehicle, quick transfer. The only thing that was...

  31. Olga Kamchatnova 11/05/2018 Read

    Everything was perfect : timely pickup, comfortable vehicle, quick transfer. The only thing that was...

  32. NİKOLA BARTOŠOVA 10/05/2018 Read

    Perfect service ever !

  33. LUCİEN ROELOFS 09/05/2018 Read

    Very nice taxibus, kind and safe driver!

  34. SALAMEH EDWARD 09/05/2018 Read

    One comment and very essential : the driver did not speak English.. Otherwise, you did a great jop.....

  35. NADEEM SHEİKH 09/05/2018 Read

    Excellent overall service

  36. SABAH WAASDORP 08/05/2018 Read

    Very satisfied about your transportation!!!! We always recommend you to our friends whom visits tur...

  37. chris ludkin 08/05/2018 Read

    As usual no problems. We have used you for the last two years. Don’t forget to pick us up on Satur...

  38. TUNCAY KAYA 08/05/2018 Read

    Perfect service, good quality, high satisfaction.. go ahead like this

  39. Anna Tumko 08/05/2018 Read

    I'm very glad about your service everything was perfect and thanks to all your staff for your kindne...

  40. AHMED HASSAN 08/05/2018 Read

    It was fantastic. The driver arrived 5 mins before my pick up time which was great. I paid exactly w...

  41. LEHO HERMANN 07/05/2018 Read

    I loved very much that answers to my questions via e-mail were very prompt. That helped me to make d...

  42. BASHİR MUHAMMAD 07/05/2018 Read

    Very good service

  43. NATHALİE VAN BREUGEL 07/05/2018 Read

    Again, like always, a perfect ride to the airport. Driver is always on time, even 10 minutes too ear...

  44. NİKOLA BARTOŠOVA 07/05/2018 Read

    great service ever

  45. SATU SUOMALAINEN 06/05/2018 Read

    Thank you again 😃

  46. KİRSTEN CHARLOTTE 06/05/2018 Read


  47. HERMAN DROST 06/05/2018 Read

    Nice transfer We have no comments

  48. SUSSAN SJÖSTRÖM 06/05/2018 Read

    Thank you so Mutch fore the transfers ,vi love the car and the drivers ,see you again.👍

  49. SAMİ PARTANEN 05/05/2018 Read

    Good job!

  50. DZEMALUDİN PAUČİNAC 05/05/2018 Read

    Very good

  51. NATALİA MİKHAYLOVA 05/05/2018 Read

    Thank you very much for your service! We ordered two transfers from Antalia airport to the hotel and...

  52. VİKTORİJA BEDALYTĖ 05/05/2018 Read

    I don't have what to say. It was good and comfortable.

  53. CAROL ARMSTRONG 05/05/2018 Read

    Absolutely brilliant! Waiting for us at airport, clean van, polite and friendly staff! Would highly ...

  54. Maria Kooijman 05/05/2018 Read

    Good, clean and exactly on time 👍

  55. JOZEF DZİACKY 04/05/2018 Read


  56. TUNCAY JAYA 04/05/2018 Read

    Wonderful, great service, highly recommended

  57. SİMONE KOENE 04/05/2018 Read

    very good service next time i will book again

  58. Anna Tumko 04/05/2018 Read

    Many thanks to all CIP Service staff I'm very very happy about your service I'm very grateful to you...

  59. NADEEM SHEİKH 04/05/2018 Read

    Excellent service

  60. JANNE SUİTTİO 03/05/2018 Read

    Perfect 10. Will use company also next time.

  61. NABİL MOUHTATİNE 03/05/2018 Read

    The best transfert in Turkey, luxury cars, drivers come hurlier the price is good also Thank you

  62. ONDREJ BARTOŠ 03/05/2018 Read


  63. LUCİEN ROELOFS 02/05/2018 Read

    Thanks for nice and kind service!

  64. MRİKA VIITAHARJU 01/05/2018 Read

    Everything gone well

  65. MRİKA VIITAHARJU 01/05/2018 Read

    Everything gone well

  66. RİCARDO KRİJBOLDER 01/05/2018 Read

    Was perfect! Thank you!

  67. NABİL MOUHTATİNE 01/05/2018 Read

    It’s the second time with hanatravel very professional good price driver on time luxury cars. We hav...

  68. STEVEN GREEN 01/05/2018 Read

    this is the 3rd time we have used you. You have been fantastic

  69. CHRİS BOWEN 29/04/2018 Read

    A very good service and I will be booking my return to the airport with you. The only improvement I ...

  70. VEİKKO SİNİSALO 29/04/2018 Read

    All good!

  71. SATU SUOMALAINEN 28/04/2018 Read

    Everything go very well ! Thank you 😀


    We'd like the mercedes VIP bus, beautiful seats. In no time we were at our hotel.

  73. ARJEN VAN POELGEEST 27/04/2018 Read

    Very good

  74. LUC CASTELEYN 26/04/2018 Read

    Voor de 4de maal een taxi geboekt heen en terug, steeds heel tevreden. Intussen boeken vrienden en f...

  75. MAUREEN LOADWİCK 26/04/2018 Read

    Hana transfer was really professional costumer care was fantastic. And you will be our number one ...

  76. THOMAS WİLDİNG 25/04/2018 Read


  77. NATHALİE VAN BREUGEL 25/04/2018 Read

    Very good driver. Very carefull with the two small children. Very Nice trip and bus

  78. VEİKKO SİNİSALO 24/04/2018 Read

    All good...

  79. CONNİ  FLEMMER 23/04/2018 Read

    Received a quick confirmation of my booking. Was met outside the Arrivals Hall by a friendly lady wh...

  80. EL AZZOUZİ HAYAT 23/04/2018 Read

    Its was a good service.thank you

  81. MARUFUZ ZAMAN 22/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service. I will definitely use them again in the future.

  82. MOHAMMED WAHEED MUNİR 22/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service i would use hanatravel again and i would recommend others to use hanatravel

  83. ANNA VELİGODSKAYA 21/04/2018 Read

    I liked your service, It was easy to find you at the airport, the car was good! We asked for three ...

  84. ABDUL GUHAD 20/04/2018 Read

    Very reliable and friendly

  85. ALEXANDRU BOJAN 20/04/2018 Read

    Thank you, all went well, I paid the full trip, including the return, I received a receipt for 60 Eu...

  86. SELİMAN AMJAHİD SELİMAN 20/04/2018 Read


  87. Michael Price 20/04/2018 Read

    We were slightly delayed but they were still waiting on arrival . Can not fault there service Thank...

  88. BRİAN MCLAUGHLİN 19/04/2018 Read

    1st class experience from start to finish - will use the service again.

  89. BRİAN MCLAUGHLİN 19/04/2018 Read

    1st class experience from start to finish - will use the service again.

  90. BRİAN MCLAUGHLİN 19/04/2018 Read

    1st class experience from start to finish - will use the service again.

  91. FAHAD BAIG 19/04/2018 Read


  92. HEİKO GOTTSCHALK 19/04/2018 Read

    Sehr gut ! Danke !

  93. JARİ TUKEVA 19/04/2018 Read

    Everything was working very smoothly both ways. I will recommend this service to everybody!

  94. ERİK HARBOE 19/04/2018 Read

    Everything was perfect. Thanks a lot

  95. NENAD ZGANJER 18/04/2018 Read

    Everything OK

  96. GRAEME CRAWFORD 18/04/2018 Read

    Great service Thanks

  97. IAN MACKENZIE 17/04/2018 Read

    My second experience with Hana and happy to recommend -a 1st class service in every respect.

  98. MARCİN DEMBOWSKİ 17/04/2018 Read

    I’m extremely pleased with the service from the placing order experience through meeting in the airp...

  99. RONALD HORTON 16/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service as usual, taxi always well turned out and reiliable

  100. Peracha wedding 16/04/2018 Read

    perfect timing and really nice vehicles