The private airport taxi transfer to our hotel Suite Laguna Hotel in Antalya City Center was very good !!

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  1. NATHALİE VAN BREUGEL 25/04/2018 Read

    Very good driver. Very carefull with the two small children. Very Nice trip and bus

  2. VEİKKO SİNİSALO 24/04/2018 Read

    All good...

  3. CONNİ  FLEMMER 23/04/2018 Read

    Received a quick confirmation of my booking. Was met outside the Arrivals Hall by a friendly lady wh...

  4. EL AZZOUZİ HAYAT 23/04/2018 Read

    Its was a good service.thank you

  5. MARUFUZ ZAMAN 22/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service. I will definitely use them again in the future.

  6. MOHAMMED WAHEED MUNİR 22/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service i would use hanatravel again and i would recommend others to use hanatravel

  7. ANNA VELİGODSKAYA 21/04/2018 Read

    I liked your service, It was easy to find you at the airport, the car was good! We asked for three ...

  8. ABDUL GUHAD 20/04/2018 Read

    Very reliable and friendly

  9. ALEXANDRU BOJAN 20/04/2018 Read

    Thank you, all went well, I paid the full trip, including the return, I received a receipt for 60 Eu...

  10. SELİMAN AMJAHİD SELİMAN 20/04/2018 Read


  11. Michael Price 20/04/2018 Read

    We were slightly delayed but they were still waiting on arrival . Can not fault there service Thank...

  12. BRİAN MCLAUGHLİN 19/04/2018 Read

    1st class experience from start to finish - will use the service again.

  13. BRİAN MCLAUGHLİN 19/04/2018 Read

    1st class experience from start to finish - will use the service again.

  14. BRİAN MCLAUGHLİN 19/04/2018 Read

    1st class experience from start to finish - will use the service again.

  15. FAHAD BAIG 19/04/2018 Read


  16. HEİKO GOTTSCHALK 19/04/2018 Read

    Sehr gut ! Danke !

  17. JARİ TUKEVA 19/04/2018 Read

    Everything was working very smoothly both ways. I will recommend this service to everybody!

  18. ERİK HARBOE 19/04/2018 Read

    Everything was perfect. Thanks a lot

  19. NENAD ZGANJER 18/04/2018 Read

    Everything OK

  20. GRAEME CRAWFORD 18/04/2018 Read

    Great service Thanks

  21. IAN MACKENZIE 17/04/2018 Read

    My second experience with Hana and happy to recommend -a 1st class service in every respect.

  22. MARCİN DEMBOWSKİ 17/04/2018 Read

    I’m extremely pleased with the service from the placing order experience through meeting in the airp...

  23. RONALD HORTON 16/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service as usual, taxi always well turned out and reiliable

  24. Peracha wedding 16/04/2018 Read

    perfect timing and really nice vehicles

  25. YOUSSEF TAOUİL 16/04/2018 Read

    Realy perfect! On time, baby seat prepared... I don't see what ca be improved!

  26. ILYA BOLKHOVSKİY 16/04/2018 Read

    Everything is just awesome

  27. MOHAMMAD ADNAN 15/04/2018 Read

    Very professional service

  28. BERTİL ENGEGREN 15/04/2018 Read

    Everything was very good.

  29. KHALİD ALQARAFİ 15/04/2018 Read

    thank you

  30. AMİNA BOULAİCH 15/04/2018 Read

    Very good

  31. AİCHA AAKABİ 15/04/2018 Read

    Very good....

  32. AHSAN AHMED 15/04/2018 Read

    Had to wait for a few minutes to be taken to the vehicle but the vehicle, journey and driver were fi...

  33. LUC DHAENENS 14/04/2018 Read

    As usual Good service

  34. FAHAD BAIG 14/04/2018 Read

    Excellent and luxurious

  35. FRANCİS VAN EYLEN 13/04/2018 Read

    Second time in Antalya....Second time TOP service from your company

  36. MARK PRİTCHARD 13/04/2018 Read

    Would definitely use again. Thank you Hana.

  37. Mark Pritchard 13/04/2018 Read

    Kept very well informed and transfer to hotel was very smooth.

  38. TAYAB AHMED 13/04/2018 Read

    really to recommend to others.

  39. BRİAN MCLAUGHLİN 13/04/2018 Read

    Quick pick up at the airport - friendly service - many thanks, great start to our holiday. Ditch the...

  40. BAADOUD 12/04/2018 Read


  41. STELEA IRINA 11/04/2018 Read

    Very fast and I arrived at hotel with a perfect insurance

  42. GRAEME CRAWFORD 10/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service, definitely use again

  43. THOMAS KEARNEY 10/04/2018 Read

    Vehicle turned up on time for both journeys i would youse your service again and also recommend to o...

  44. THOMAS KEARNEY 10/04/2018 Read

    Vehicle turned up on time for both journeys i would youse your service again and also recommend to o...

  45. YURİY AVDEYEV 10/04/2018 Read


  46. WİESLAW PEDRYCZ 09/04/2018 Read

    I'm very happy , I shall inform my friends

  47. İLYA BOLKHOVSKİY 09/04/2018 Read

    The transfer was good from greetings until arrival. Nothing to complain about!

  48. NAVEED SHAUKAT 05/04/2018 Read

    Great service and communication Will use again

  49. MOOEENUDDİN IBRAHİM 04/04/2018 Read

    I would recommend hanatravels to everyone, stress free transfers, on time and honest. I forgot my p...

  50. REZA KHALİLİ AMİRİ 04/04/2018 Read

    Thank you

  51. KRZYSZTOF WOLSKİ 04/04/2018 Read

    Easy for booking and good organized. Good driver but with weak English.

  52. ALLYSON PATEY 04/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service.will definetly use again. Thank you

  53. MARK HARVEY-SMİTH 03/04/2018 Read

    Really good transfer - exceeded our expectations. Thank you!

  54. MARK SİNGLETON 03/04/2018 Read

    Excellent service, professional and friendly, great vehicles too, water and drinks available too - w...

  55. Justin Morgan 28/03/2018 Read

    Fabulous service time after time. This is the 3rd time we’ve used Hana Travel’s services and once ag...

  56. ZAHİD NİAZ 27/03/2018 Read

    Best transfer I’ll advise everyone 👍👍👍

  57. IMRAN ADAM 25/03/2018 Read

    Excellent service and Will be reusing as well as recommending to others to use

  58. SHAHNAZ BEGUM 18/03/2018 Read

    I was absolutely thrilled with the service i received. My flight was late by nearly 3 hours but a re...

  59. JÖRG HEİDEMANN 09/03/2018 Read

    Everything perfectly

  60. peter granger GRANGER 09/03/2018 Read

    Very good.Recommend you to any person who needs a transfer

  61. MARY GED HESSION 09/03/2018 Read

    Thıs the second tıme ın 3 years we have used your company and both tımes were exelent thankyou we wı...

  62. Czembor Marie 08/03/2018 Read

    Simply perfect

  63. Duncan Love 28/02/2018 Read

    Travel with hana first class

  64. John Parkinson 20/02/2018 Read

    Excellent service. Very professional and polite. Will be using again in April for sure. Price good a...

  65. MAJİD ALGHAFRİ 09/02/2018 Read

    Thank you with the excellent service ..Although I had problem that delay me more than 1 hours but th...

  66. Nicholas Weingard 07/01/2018 Read

    Once against fantastic service from Hana Travel. Always efficient and professional.

  67. Alexander Zhukov 07/01/2018 Read

    We have positive experience with transfer - the car in good conditions, the driver was polite and ac...

  68. ELLEN GRİERSON 06/01/2018 Read

    Excellent service , thank you.

  69. Andrew Creswell 03/01/2018 Read

    Excellent service, one of the best transfer companies we have used and will use again in the future....

  70. WASEEM GHADBAN 01/01/2018 Read

    Our both Antalya airport taxi transfer was Perfect.we will use you next year again.


    Great again. Thanks you for the wonderfull tranfers this year. See you again next year. Happy New...

  72. GRAHAM SİNGER 30/12/2017 Read

    very good taxi service from Antalya airport to Liberty Lara.

  73. ALLAN CHRİSTİAN 29/12/2017 Read

    Great service so far, kids loved the taxi. The Airpprt service was efficient with good confirmation ...

  74. JELENA DOROFEJEVA 27/12/2017 Read

    Very good service, always in time to pick up from the hotel or airport. Will use again. Thnks!!!

  75. Andrew Creswell 23/12/2017 Read

    it was a good company. a good driver. pick up at time. i will deal with them again.Good transfer

  76. SUSANNE KNOLL 21/12/2017 Read

    It was everything perfectly organized in our private taxi transfer from Antalya airport to Melas Lar...

  77. SUSANNE KNOLL 11/12/2017 Read

    Everything perfectly arranged on our private taxi transfer from Antalya airport to Melas Hotel in L...

  78. aiman majdob 11/12/2017 Read

    The best service that we used ever. On the route from Antalya Airport to Aska Lara and the same back...

  79. EİAD OTHMAN 07/12/2017 Read

    it was a good company. a good driver. pick up at time . i will deal with them again. thank you

  80. SVİATLANA PİRAZHENKA 02/12/2017 Read

    Used this service to go to & back to hotel. Even tho booked at the last moment, pick up time was goo...

  81. LANCE DREVER 25/11/2017 Read

    Excellent and on time service form Gloria Serenity Hotel to Antalya Aİrport.We will definitely use y...

  82. LİNDA KERR 22/11/2017 Read

    Cannot fault your service, both drivers very courteous, will definitely use your company again! No...

  83. Yuri Eremin 21/11/2017 Read

    Good job, thank you,! The private transfer from Antalya airport to our hotel Alba royal Colakli was ...

  84. CHLOE DUNCAN 21/11/2017 Read

    Great service, nothing was too much trouble. Would definitely use again.

  85. MARİA KOOİJMAN1 17/11/2017 Read

    The driver was very nice and polite!! The lady that did the welkom at the airport was terrible!!!!!!...

  86. JOHN FISHER 15/11/2017 Read

    good but cannot comment about hotel pick as we are leaving next monday

  87. NİCOLE CELİE 13/11/2017 Read

    The private airport taxi transfer to our hotel Liberty Lara Beach was a very good experience! Thank ...

  88. OLGA ARTAMONOVA 10/11/2017 Read

    Everything was very good. Very professional Airport Tranfer. Would definitely use again.

  89. NIDAL & NEMER 09/11/2017 Read

    very happy with the transfer, the pick up at the hotel Limak Lara was on time. Many thanks.excelent...

  90. THOMAS MALMQVİST 08/11/2017 Read

    Everything was ok on the route from Antalya airport to Can Garden Resort Hotel . Exellent company!

  91. Rogiest Sven 07/11/2017 Read

    Excellent Airport trasnfer service, very friendly and curtious driverGood service and nice and polit...

  92. KURT DE WİT 07/11/2017 Read

    Fantastic Transfer service the minute I booked it they make me feel like I paid to the right company...

  93. THOMAS MALMQVİST 06/11/2017 Read

    Excellent Airport Transfer service, very friendly and curtious driver. Exellent service!

  94. vyacheslav girin 06/11/2017 Read

    Пользуюсь услугами Hanatravel не первый раз и неизменно доволен.так как бываю в Турции 2 раза в год,...

  95. Galyna Fidirko 06/11/2017 Read

    Всегда пользуюсь услугами этой компании когда прилетаем в Анталию Очень комфортные машины Все во в...

  96. MARTİN LANDROCK 05/11/2017 Read

    Everything was perfect on our private airport taxi transfer to our hotel Royal Atlantis Beach hotel....

  97. RUDİN ERNST 05/11/2017 Read

    Everything was perfect on our private Airport Transfer. Very good Thanks

  98. FRED VERJANS 04/11/2017 Read

    Super plus for our private airport taxi transfer to our hotel Crystal Sunrise Queen in Side

  99. Thomas Godenius 03/11/2017 Read

    Very good overall on our private taxi transfer to our hotel in Kemer Crystal Deluxe Resort, thank yo...

  100. MOHSİN PATEL 03/11/2017 Read

    Fantastic service the minute I booked it they make me feel like I paid to the right company . On th...