You have nothing to change, everything was perfect again. Many thanks to all the staff Jiri

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  1. SUSANNE KNOLL 11/12/2017 Read

    Everything perfectly arranged

  2. aiman majdob 11/12/2017 Read

    The best service

  3. EİAD OTHMAN 07/12/2017 Read

    it was a good company. a good driver. pick up at time . i will deal with them again. thank you

  4. SVİATLANA PİRAZHENKA 02/12/2017 Read

    Used this service to go to & back to hotel. Even tho booked at the last moment, pick up time was goo...

  5. LANCE DREVER 25/11/2017 Read


  6. LİNDA KERR 22/11/2017 Read

    Cannot fault your service, both drivers very courteous, will definitely use your company again! No...

  7. Yuri Eremin 21/11/2017 Read

    Good job, thank you,!

  8. CHLOE DUNCAN 21/11/2017 Read

    Great service, nothing was too much trouble. Would definitely use again.

  9. JOHN FISHER 15/11/2017 Read

    good but cannot comment about hotel pick as we are leaving next monday

  10. NİCOLE CELİE 13/11/2017 Read

    Very good experience!

  11. OLGA ARTAMONOVA 10/11/2017 Read

    Everything was very good

  12. NIDAL & NEMER 09/11/2017 Read

    excelent company and transfer

  13. THOMAS MALMQVİST 08/11/2017 Read

    Exellent company!

  14. Rogiest Sven 07/11/2017 Read

    Good service and nice and polite driver.

  15. KURT DE WİT 07/11/2017 Read

    Good service.

  16. THOMAS MALMQVİST 06/11/2017 Read

    Exellent service!!

  17. vyacheslav girin 06/11/2017 Read

    Пользуюсь услугами Hanatravel не первый раз и неизменно доволен.так как бываю в Турции 2 раза в год,...

  18. Galyna Fidirko 06/11/2017 Read

    Всегда пользуюсь услугами этой компании когда прилетаем в Анталию Очень комфортные машины Все во в...

  19. MARTİN LANDROCK 05/11/2017 Read

    Everything was perfekt. The car was great.

  20. RUDİN ERNST 05/11/2017 Read

    Very good Thanks

  21. FRED VERJANS 04/11/2017 Read

    Super plus

  22. MOHSİN PATEL 03/11/2017 Read

    Fantastic service the minute I booked it they make me feel like I paid to the right company . On th...

  23. Amjid Ali’s 02/11/2017 Read

    Very professional!! Would definitely use again.

  24. Victoria Isakova 01/11/2017 Read

    Everything is ok

  25. Abdul Waheed Molvi 31/10/2017 Read

    Excellent service, very friendly and curtious driver. Informed us how long journey would be and said...

  26. UMAR SHERAZ PARVEZ 31/10/2017 Read

    Very good experiance well organised i highly recomanded

  27. GARY COOKE 31/10/2017 Read

    We booked at London Gatwick airport via the webpage,when we realised we would be delayed two hours a...

  28. ALEXANDER MERKULOV 31/10/2017 Read

    You are the best! Even though there were the technical problems with the site, you have made the res...

  29. MARGRETHE HOCHNOWSKA 31/10/2017 Read

    +5 Very good service , will recomend to others. Thanks

  30. Karen Harris 30/10/2017 Read

    Much better driver. Felt he drove at a steady pace rather than too fast as we have experienced befor...

  31. TAIGA STRAUTA 30/10/2017 Read

    all was great. thank you

  32. ANDREY BASALAEV 23/10/2017 Read

    Everything superb! See you next year

  33. KENT MADSEN 23/10/2017 Read

    To pay through secure payment or to pay with euro coins. We had cash but there was 10 euros in coins...

  34. gazala odeh 23/10/2017 Read

    excelent service

  35. SPELDE SPELDE 23/10/2017 Read


  36. INGA PAZARE 22/10/2017 Read


  37. Sharon Slater 22/10/2017 Read

    Would always use this company in Antalya. Very reliable.

  38. ARBEN BİLALLİ 22/10/2017 Read


  39. ANDRE BRAND 22/10/2017 Read

    It was a good arranged trip

  40. JULİE MADSEN 22/10/2017 Read

    In all a good experience, but I think your company could improve some things: 1. to get a confirma...

  41. Fiona Daly 21/10/2017 Read

    Our transfer from Antalya airport to Belek was wonderful. Our driver was so friendly and courteou...

  42. Balczar Tamas Balczar 21/10/2017 Read


  43. NİCOLE VOSSEBELD 21/10/2017 Read


  44. Shaun Munday 21/10/2017 Read

    Very good transfer when I come back to Antalya again I will defiantly be using you and will recommen...

  45. PATRICK WILSON 21/10/2017 Read


  46. CHATZİALEXİOU JOTİ 21/10/2017 Read

    Was perfect

  47. RİDHA HAMMAMİ 20/10/2017 Read

    very good service !!!

  48. Omar Zoubi 19/10/2017 Read

    Every thing was in time and full helping

  49. Willemjntje Klarenbeek 19/10/2017 Read

    Great again. Thanks and see you soon

  50. OKSANA ROMANYUK 19/10/2017 Read

    Very good transfer

  51. MATT MURPHY 18/10/2017 Read

    This was my 1st booking with Hana travel, and I can only give 100% feedback, as we, (?a family of 4 ...

  52. REİJO KORTTEUS 16/10/2017 Read

    Exellent Service.

  53. Vadim Milekhin 15/10/2017 Read

    Спасибо вам за помощь. Трансферы организованы четко, пунктуально, профессионально. Будем обращаться ...

  54. BARRİE EMMERSON 15/10/2017 Read

    Very professional and efficient. I will definitely use your service again. Thank you

  55. MONICA VASILESCU 15/10/2017 Read

    Drivers do not speak English and neither the girl who was waiting for ua at the airport. Otherwise v...

  56. SERGEY ZELENSKİY 15/10/2017 Read

    Встретили,провели,автобусы очень комфортные,кондер работает,водители вежливые ,реагируют на просьбы ...

  57. BLANC VÉRONIQUE 15/10/2017 Read

    Good service thanks

  58. Celal Guler 14/10/2017 Read

    Is the best transfer we ever had. We want to thank everyone.

  59. RENÉ RUMBERG 14/10/2017 Read

    Perfekt service.

  60. RENÉ RUMBERG 14/10/2017 Read

    Thanks for perfekt service.

  61. HİMAR BOUCSEİN 14/10/2017 Read

    Alles sehr gut

  62. Shaun Munday 13/10/2017 Read

    havent actualy got to the hotel yet still on our way

  63. karen allen 13/10/2017 Read

    Only done outward transfer but brilliant service, lovely girl from Ukraine spoken such good English ...

  64. AZİRİ FİKRET 09/10/2017 Read

    Very Speed nice!!

  65. Vadim Milekhin 08/10/2017 Read

    Well done.

  66. IBRAHIM HOUSSEIN 08/10/2017 Read

    Excellent service phone staff driver very helpful polite on time confirming the booking is very rea...


    Everything perfect ! :)

  68. JİRİ VOCU 08/10/2017 Read

    You have nothing to change, everything was perfect again. Many thanks to all the staff Jiri

  69. KATHLEEN RAWES 08/10/2017 Read

    will use again with confidence, very good communication, we were very pleased

  70. Natalya Antonyuk 07/10/2017 Read

    It's OK, but the driver offered to bring the Luggage to the car

  71. Sergey Parada 06/10/2017 Read

    Fine!!! Sharp!!! Super

  72. SOUISSI HAITAM 06/10/2017 Read

    Excellent expérience as the transfer was very easy and helpful. Thank you

  73. NEEM MOHAMMAD 05/10/2017 Read

    Very good. No complaints

  74. ERSHOV SERGEY 02/10/2017 Read

    It is perfect 👌

  75. VİLİJA KREİVİENE 02/10/2017 Read

    Very good service. Thank you!

  76. MOHAMAD GOBAS 01/10/2017 Read

    Nice & fast

  77. Martin Pincek 01/10/2017 Read

    Great service on time!

  78. ALEKSEİ RADİONOV 01/10/2017 Read

    Everything was absolutely fine!

  79. KATHLEEN RAWES 01/10/2017 Read

    very pleased, will definetly recommend and use again

  80. ROGER BOLİN 01/10/2017 Read

    Verk good

  81. ZOLTAN LİLLİN 30/09/2017 Read

    Perfect service like always! Fast transfer and modern vans! Highly recommended!

  82. SEBASTIEN CORNIL 30/09/2017 Read


  83. walid abd elqader 30/09/2017 Read

    v goog

  84. walid abd elqader 30/09/2017 Read

    v goog

  85. ILYA GRİSHİN 30/09/2017 Read

    Perfect servise! I would be happy tu use your company again!

  86. BOGDAN BURLACU 30/09/2017 Read

    Top services.

  87. Noureddine Belcaid 28/09/2017 Read


  88. ANDRIY LYTVYNENKO 22/09/2017 Read

    Спасибо) мой первый раз, но не последний!))

  89. ANASTASIIA SAIENKO 20/09/2017 Read

    Огромное спасибо за трансфер и за заботу!) Отдельное спасиб, что привезли ранее забытые в другом оте...

  90. Olga Artamonova 18/09/2017 Read

    Nothing special

  91. Van Melckebeke Johnny 17/09/2017 Read


  92. JAN B. ANDERSEN 17/09/2017 Read

    Real good experience and top service. Highly recommended taxi service. We would absolutely use this...

  93. VEHİD - HAMO CATİC 17/09/2017 Read

    Very efficient service ,we are very happy with the service .

  94. Alexey Sboev 16/09/2017 Read

    It was a good service without any delays. always clean and comfortable cars.

  95. sean meyer 16/09/2017 Read

    Fantastic service! We got held up getting luggage but nothing was too much trouble! They waited, wer...

  96. MOHAMMAD AL SARRAJ 16/09/2017 Read

    it was real good choice and they were so polite and on the time for sure next time i will contact...

  97. EMİL RUSTAMOV 15/09/2017 Read

    The car was great, the pick up at airport and delivery also great.

  98. Anastasia Sidorovich 15/09/2017 Read

    Very good service and cars

  99. VEHİD - HAMO CATİC 11/09/2017 Read

    Driver Mehmed from Antalya was very good driver ,and he collect as from the on thev15 Sep st 23 00 ...

  100. Olga Artamonova 11/09/2017 Read

    Driver was very professional. His manner of driving was absolutely fantastic. Thanks