Very good. No complaints

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  1. REİJO KORTTEUS 16/10/2017 Read

    Exellent Service.

  2. Vadim Milekhin 15/10/2017 Read

    Спасибо вам за помощь. Трансферы организованы четко, пунктуально, профессионально. Будем обращаться ...

  3. BARRİE EMMERSON 15/10/2017 Read

    Very professional and efficient. I will definitely use your service again. Thank you

  4. MONICA VASILESCU 15/10/2017 Read

    Drivers do not speak English and neither the girl who was waiting for ua at the airport. Otherwise v...

  5. SERGEY ZELENSKİY 15/10/2017 Read

    Встретили,провели,автобусы очень комфортные,кондер работает,водители вежливые ,реагируют на просьбы ...

  6. BLANC VÉRONIQUE 15/10/2017 Read

    Good service thanks

  7. AZİRİ FİKRET 09/10/2017 Read

    Very Speed nice!!

  8. Vadim Milekhin 08/10/2017 Read

    Well done.

  9. IBRAHIM HOUSSEIN 08/10/2017 Read

    Excellent service phone staff driver very helpful polite on time confirming the booking is very rea...


    Everything perfect ! :)

  11. JİRİ VOCU 08/10/2017 Read

    You have nothing to change, everything was perfect again. Many thanks to all the staff Jiri

  12. KATHLEEN RAWES 08/10/2017 Read

    will use again with confidence, very good communication, we were very pleased

  13. Natalya Antonyuk 07/10/2017 Read

    It's OK, but the driver offered to bring the Luggage to the car

  14. Sergey Parada 06/10/2017 Read

    Fine!!! Sharp!!! Super

  15. SOUISSI HAITAM 06/10/2017 Read

    Excellent expérience as the transfer was very easy and helpful. Thank you

  16. NEEM MOHAMMAD 05/10/2017 Read

    Very good. No complaints

  17. ERSHOV SERGEY 02/10/2017 Read

    It is perfect 👌

  18. VİLİJA KREİVİENE 02/10/2017 Read

    Very good service. Thank you!

  19. MOHAMAD GOBAS 01/10/2017 Read

    Nice & fast

  20. Martin Pincek 01/10/2017 Read

    Great service on time!

  21. ALEKSEİ RADİONOV 01/10/2017 Read

    Everything was absolutely fine!

  22. KATHLEEN RAWES 01/10/2017 Read

    very pleased, will definetly recommend and use again

  23. ROGER BOLİN 01/10/2017 Read

    Verk good

  24. ZOLTAN LİLLİN 30/09/2017 Read

    Perfect service like always! Fast transfer and modern vans! Highly recommended!

  25. SEBASTIEN CORNIL 30/09/2017 Read


  26. walid abd elqader 30/09/2017 Read

    v goog

  27. walid abd elqader 30/09/2017 Read

    v goog

  28. ILYA GRİSHİN 30/09/2017 Read

    Perfect servise! I would be happy tu use your company again!

  29. BOGDAN BURLACU 30/09/2017 Read

    Top services.

  30. Noureddine Belcaid 28/09/2017 Read


  31. ANDRIY LYTVYNENKO 22/09/2017 Read

    Спасибо) мой первый раз, но не последний!))

  32. ANASTASIIA SAIENKO 20/09/2017 Read

    Огромное спасибо за трансфер и за заботу!) Отдельное спасиб, что привезли ранее забытые в другом оте...

  33. Olga Artamonova 18/09/2017 Read

    Nothing special

  34. Van Melckebeke Johnny 17/09/2017 Read


  35. JAN B. ANDERSEN 17/09/2017 Read

    Real good experience and top service. Highly recommended taxi service. We would absolutely use this...

  36. VEHİD - HAMO CATİC 17/09/2017 Read

    Very efficient service ,we are very happy with the service .

  37. Alexey Sboev 16/09/2017 Read

    It was a good service without any delays. always clean and comfortable cars.

  38. sean meyer 16/09/2017 Read

    Fantastic service! We got held up getting luggage but nothing was too much trouble! They waited, wer...

  39. MOHAMMAD AL SARRAJ 16/09/2017 Read

    it was real good choice and they were so polite and on the time for sure next time i will contact...

  40. EMİL RUSTAMOV 15/09/2017 Read

    The car was great, the pick up at airport and delivery also great.

  41. Anastasia Sidorovich 15/09/2017 Read

    Very good service and cars

  42. VEHİD - HAMO CATİC 11/09/2017 Read

    Driver Mehmed from Antalya was very good driver ,and he collect as from the on thev15 Sep st 23 00 ...

  43. Olga Artamonova 11/09/2017 Read

    Driver was very professional. His manner of driving was absolutely fantastic. Thanks

  44. Taher Abu khalaf 11/09/2017 Read

    Service is excellent

  45. Ahmed Asanovski 11/09/2017 Read

    Everything worked fine and timely.

  46. JANNİE ANDERSEN 11/09/2017 Read

    Helt perfekt, dejlig tur til hotellet i behagelig bil og så er i billigst. Tak for perfekt service.

  47. OLEKSANDR PROKOVIEV 11/09/2017 Read

    Прекрасный сервис. Ждали нас целый час пока нашелся наш багаж. Спасибо большое за понимание.

  48. BELEND AL-MOFTY 10/09/2017 Read

    High recomended.

  49. LİNA SHOWAİL 10/09/2017 Read

    Every thing was perfect Thank you so much

  50. Cem Baysal 06/09/2017 Read

    Top service 👍

  51. MAJED KASEM 03/09/2017 Read

    It is goog service .new cars.and agood draiver

  52. ELKHAN ZEYNALOV 02/09/2017 Read

    Хорошая компания.работают четко ,прсонал и машины в отличном состоянии

  53. ANTHONY WEEKS 01/09/2017 Read

    Collection for our return trip to the airport was on time. All communication was good and the driver...

  54. Paul James 01/09/2017 Read

    Excellent service would recommend it to all. Thanks great start to the holiday

  55. SØREN BRUHN 01/09/2017 Read

    Everything OK.

  56. TATYANA AKINFEEVA 31/08/2017 Read

    We used it twice ,everything is fine and on time :)reasonable prices

  57. MOHAMED DAHOE 31/08/2017 Read

    Keep up the good work, no other way for me then hannatravel!!

  58. van Troyen van Troyen 31/08/2017 Read

    Everything Okay! Perfect service- price

  59. NABİL SOLTANİ 31/08/2017 Read

    Très bien passé le transfert

  60. STEPHEN DYKE 30/08/2017 Read

    A continued trusted service year after year

  61. OLEG KUZNETSOV 30/08/2017 Read

    Очень просторно !!!

  62. ZĂRNESCU ALEXANDRU 30/08/2017 Read

    You are the best. Thank you.

  63. ALEKSEY EGOROV 30/08/2017 Read

    Не первый год пользуюсь услугами, буду пользоваться и далее - все отлично, все полностью устраивает.

  64. MATTHEW DYKE 30/08/2017 Read

    Excellent service year after year

  65. ALY YOUNES 29/08/2017 Read

    Amazing service

  66. Elena Turubara 29/08/2017 Read

    everything was perfect! I m so lucky to use this service

  67. Del giovane Fabrice 29/08/2017 Read

    Was without any problem

  68. ANDRİİ OLİİNYK 29/08/2017 Read

    Уже много лет пользуемся, вы лучшие!

  69. NAZIM AHMED 22/08/2017 Read

    Really good service and clean car

  70. MARIA BOCHAROVA 21/08/2017 Read

    Спасибо. Вам HANA TRAVEL/// ХОРОШЕЕ путешествие с Вами!


    Excellent service!

  72. Lori Harvey 18/08/2017 Read

    The service was efficient with good confirmation of the booking before both transfers. The vehicle ...

  73. Jan Bodoki 18/08/2017 Read

    Excellent communication and both taxi drivers were proffesional. We recomend this company for others...

  74. Yevhen Denysov 17/08/2017 Read

    Our driver was Mustafa. Very happy with his service

  75. DZHAMAL SAFOIAN 17/08/2017 Read

    Всё было хорошо!

  76. MOUSLİ MARC 17/08/2017 Read

    Thank you Mustapha

  77. Olga Bychkova 16/08/2017 Read

    The transfer was excellent! Thank you!

  78. Tarek Eljaziri 16/08/2017 Read

    very good.

  79. IMRAN GHANGHRO 16/08/2017 Read

    Very smooth service and very reasonable price. Highly recommend

  80. LISU MIAH 16/08/2017 Read

    highly recomended very punctual tidey i will use again next year

  81. ELENA TURUBARA 16/08/2017 Read

    Everything was perfect

  82. HASSAN MANSOUR 14/08/2017 Read

    Everything is very good

  83. Muharrem Çapan 13/08/2017 Read

    One word: Perfect!!!

  84. craig meadows 13/08/2017 Read

    We always use this company when in Turkey, excellent service and best price around. Thanks again

  85. HASSAN MANSOUR 13/08/2017 Read

    Everything is very good

  86. Alexandra Kostagianni 13/08/2017 Read

    Very nice 👍🏻

  87. MİKAEL LÖKKEBERG 13/08/2017 Read

    Everything was perfect / allt fungerade perfekt.

  88. Sherif Sherif 13/08/2017 Read

    Thank you so much

  89. ROMAN MAKHİN 13/08/2017 Read

    Спасибо. Комфортная поездка. Нам понравилось

  90. HABOUCHİ RACHİD 12/08/2017 Read

    All was Perfect. I will recommend your service.

  91. MOHANED AL-HASSAR 12/08/2017 Read

    Thanks for your great service..

  92. IMRAN GHANGHRO 12/08/2017 Read

    There was nothing I could identify to criticise our transfers. Driver Mohammmad was really nice. Veh...

  93. Terry Hutchinson 12/08/2017 Read

    Magnificent as usual many thanks

  94. JAGDEV SİNGH 12/08/2017 Read

    After 2 hour delayed flight we thought passing through turkish immigration if the transfer would be ...

  95. LEO COTTİ 11/08/2017 Read

    Good service, everything worked as required

  96. SERHAL DARWİCH 11/08/2017 Read

    excellent service

  97. MUHANNAD NUREDDİN 11/08/2017 Read

    Wonderful service

  98. AZAMAT BAİDİLDAYEV 11/08/2017 Read

    Super convenient and reliable

  99. RANİA CHABAN 10/08/2017 Read

    The people were really nice and friendly

  100. PETER GİLLETT 08/08/2017 Read

    Excellent. Thanks